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    Print Scout Activity

    Benjamin Anderson Newbie

      We are beginning a mass deploy of the print scout across our organization. We currently have hundreds of successful client installs. However, there is no print data being populated for local print jobs. Is there a delay before the print counts are reflected in Beacon? It has been a week and I've yet to see a single page reported in Beacon. "Print Count" column is reporting "Not available" for all locally discovered printers.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Aaron Ging Scout

          Hi Benjamin,


          I think you may be looking at Print Count in the Discover - Device Inventory grid.  This column only reflects data collected by the Device Scout from network print devices.  To see local printer volume collected by the Print Scout, please use the Explorer under the Print tab.  So, if you click the Print tab, then click the Local Device Ratio widget, you will be brought into the Print Analytics explorer under the context of local devices.  From there you can navigate around to see the different volumes of local print by user, device, location, etc.