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    College and University Users Feedback on Mobile Print

    Carolyn Slocum Wayfarer

      We are about to implement Mobile Print as first timers.  We are very interested to know what others have seen as the impact on their networks/traffic load.  Any suggestions on the file size limit to improve traffic, would be greatly appreciated. Documentation states 50MB.

      Thanks very much,


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          Paul LaFollette Guide

          For us, we didn't make a big advertising campaign, but instead, just before the new semester began, we made using Mobile Print the first printing method recommended to our clients (University students) on the pages where the students get info on how to print.  Thus we didn't have as huge a load of users learning how to use Mobile Print as would have been otherwise.  Already existing students (not the new ones) usually didn't start using Mobile Print right away, only the new students and then only those that looked at the information pages (instead of asking other people nearby).  Adoption has been (admittedly) not as high as it probably should be, but after almost a year adoption has grown to approximately 28% of all our Student print jobs.


          Noticeable network load?  If anything, almost un-noticed.  The load is low, and seems to be helping to lower to overall load on both the printing system, and the network.  That's what we're seeing.


          If you wished to change the size limit, I would strongly suggest limiting to 30MB to 20MB simply because the larger print jobs appear to be more prone to failure, especially with simply uploading to Mobile Print, but once MobilePrint has the job... not a problem.



          - Paul L.