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    Automating SignUp client uninstall?

    Robert Wiberg Newbie

      Pharos Community Members,


      I work for the University of New Mexico, University Libraries.  We currently utilize Uniprint for print/copy management and also rely on SignUp services.  We are in the

      process of upgrading our Pharos installation from 8.3 to 9.0 R2.  Because we manage a large group of public and classroom computers, we would like to automate the

      installation of the new print and SignUp clients as much as possible.   In the past we have used uninstall and install scripts for the print clients successfully and would

      like to use this approach again during this project.  Our issue lies in the uninstall of the SignUp client.   We have the switches used for installing the SignUp client, but

      have been unable to locate any information related to a command line-driven UNinstall of the SignUp client.   Ideally, we would like to run an uninstall that removes all

      Pharos pieces at the same time, as you would in the GUI task.   So, our question is, has anyone created a script that can uninstall the pop-up and SignUp clients in the same



      Further information:   We are utilizing Ivanti's LANDESK application to manage our stations and will use it to push out the installation tasks.


      Thanks in advance for any assistance!




      Robert Wiberg

      Technical Analyst

      University of New Mexico