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    Copying PS200 Config files to mutiple new PS200s

    Ralph Miller Scout

      Hello all,

      I am just starting to configure some new PS200 Omega terminals and have a question. According to the 2nd appendix in the PS200 Installation and configuration guide, I should be able to copy the majority of an existing PS200 configuration and transfer those config files to the new ones via USB. So far I am striking out. Anyone ever done this before? When I insert a USB stick into an open USB port on a configured PS200. nothing happens, no beeps, and no change on the USB activity light. Any suggestions? It sure would help make the setup of 10 new PS200s a little easier.


      To replicate configuration settings using a USB stick, follow these steps:

      1. Insert a USB stick into one of the USB ports of a PS200 terminal. You will hear 5 beeps notifying you that the USB is ready to copy the contents of the PS200 to the USB stick.

      2. After hearing 3 beeps, remove the USB stick. The beeps notify that the configuration data and the firmware have been written to the USB stick.

      3. Insert the USB stick to another PS200 terminal. You will hear 3 beeps notifying you that the USB stick is loading the configuration settings to the new terminal.

      The replication process copies the following configuration files to the USB stick:

       All settings from network.ini except hostname and IP address.

       All settings from firewall.ini except printerMAC.

       Syslog.ini

       Hosts

       CACertificates.crt

       pref.ini

       admin.ini

       pedi.ini

       theme/*

      If the replication process is unsuccessful, the PS200 emits 10 short beeps. The following is a list of the possible causes of a failed USB replication process:

       The configuration data is corrupted.

       The USB stick is too small to fit the configuration data.

       The USB stick is read-only.

       You have unplugged the USB stick during a read/write operation


      Ralph Miller

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          Steve Yount Adventurer

          Hey Ralph,


          I have never tried this before, but am interested in doing so. I know that you can copy and push some settings out via the web interface, but you still need to manually configure some things.


          What type of USB drive(s) are you trying to use? Did you try a USB 2.0 drive? They should be backwards compatible, but I have seen USB 3.0 drives not work with some devices.


          Also, how is your drive formatted? It may only recognize certain file types like fat/fat32. There also could be issues with using a very large drive, so you could try something smaller.



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              Ralph Miller Scout



              Howdy friend! How's life since leaving the old stomping grounds?


              As far as the USB question, I have tried drives of multiple sizes and brands (It's amazing what can be accumulated from what students leave behind and never come back for!) I have tried as small as 256MB and up to 2GB, used off-brand, Sandisk, PNY, Crucial, etc. All were cleaned and formatted in FAT or FAT32, sometimes tried both. The end result was still the same. I just bit the bullet and started configuring them manually and I am nearly finished with them. Once I am done, my lab printers will be setup for secure release and a single print group, which will make things nice here for the students, and cut down on wasted paper!