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MobilePrint incorrectly "load balancing" Mono jobs

Question asked by Paul LaFollette on Jun 16, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2018 by Paul LaFollette

We're running MobilePrint and for the most part, it is working well except for places where one Release Station serves two printers (one mono and one color).   When releasing multiple mono documents, MobilePrint "load balances" the mono print jobs between both printers even though the device attributes have been set to only allow Color on the color printer and only allow Mono on the mono printer.   When releasing multiple color documents, MobilePrint correctly prints the color documents all on the color printer.  It's only the mono documents through MobilePrint that get "load balanaced" regardless the allowed attributes of the printer devices.


With the Attributes set to allow Mono only on the mono printer, MobilePrint should NOT be sending mono jobs to the color printer (which has Attributes set to not allow Mono).


Any ideas how to correct this?  Or did I discover a "bug" with MobilePrint


This item is a problem for me because of different paper and different costing we're trying to do with the color printers.  This "load balancing" of the mono MobilePrint jobs breaks the costing and printer assignments.



- Paul L.