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    Print jobs missing last page?

    Luke Papenfuss Wayfarer



      We've had many reports that the last pages of documents are not printing, and in some cases have been able to replicate the issue, however it is very sporadic, and no specific file type is solely affected, and no single printer model.


      We are running Pharos Administrator 9.0.8467.14...not sure if that could be part of the issue...I know we are not up to date as far as the latest version of the Pharos software goes.


      If we haven't updated the server Pharos software, does that also mean that the Windows client packages are not the latest software? Looking at that end of things, it looks like the client software for the Windows side of things was last built in 2015...I just recently made the new Mac package...9.0.8 I believe.


      Any thoughts or suggestions are much appreciated!



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          Jeff Geller Guide

          Hi Luke,


          This sounds like something we saw in the past. We made an adjustment to the Pharos Print Service and Secure Release Service to accommodate a network/print driver/device problem that was seen to be the culprit.


          Uniprint 9.0 Print Services Revision 126


          In the above Hot Fix there is a note about configuring a "DeviceCloseTimeout" value after you apply the Hot Fix. however after applying the Hot Fix the default value for sending the final packet to the device is 5 seconds. This can be configured to 2 or 3 if you like or leave it at the 5 second default.



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            Paul LaFollette Guide

            Don't know if this is of any help, but in case it is...


            A while back we saw that happen sometimes (again, sporadic) along with other "anomolies" (such as print jobs that print as only a smilie in the corner of the sheet) and tracked it down to users printing documents (PDF, Word, other) from inside their web browser.   Users would be using the web to access assignments/documents related to their class and the browser would open the document within the browser and the user would try to print... and the print job might be missing pages (often the last page, or more) or just print a single sheet with a smilie in the corner.


            We found our problem tied to a specific version of the Chrome web browser.  Updated to newer Chrome version and the problem disappeared.



            - Paul L.

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                John Siegel Guide

                I've seen the same thing at CU including blank pages when users tried printing via the browser print function vs. the plugin. What happens is that the browser only "sees" the frame and prints a blank set of pages. Most common culprit in this case was PDF's. Experience tells us best practice is to tell the students to download to the desktop first and then print.