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Can "My Funds" be hidden or simply not displayed?

Question asked by Paul LaFollette on May 26, 2017
Latest reply on May 30, 2017 by Kurt Albrecht

Is there a way I can configure the My Print Center to not display the "My Funds" portion?   I really, really need a way to either hide it or make it go away for our system.


We've been using Mobile Print for a while now and it is working pretty well, however because of the method by which funds are handled in our systems, our Uniprint system (and thus the Mobile Print system) never actually knows the user's available funds, thus the "My Funds" (displayed in My Print Center and in the Mobile app) is never able to show the correct amount of funds.   This is very confusing to our end users because they have no knowledge of how the funds mechanism is setup and thus cannot understand why the "My Funds" is never correct on our Mobile Print installation.


Why this is the case:

1. Our Uniprint system does not "hold" the funds for our end users.  Instead, we are using the Gateway to connect to our CBORD system (which is where the funds accounting actually takes place).  The Uniprint system has to query the CBORD system (request a fund balance) each time a user goes to release a print job.

2. The Usernames are NOT associated with the ID# used by the CBORD system, thus we cannot have the Uniprint system "lookup" the current balance for a given username.

3. Uniprint stores what card# (ID#) was last used by the Username, but if the user happens to use a different ID Card the next time they print (this is allowed on our system) Uniprint replaces that previous ID# record with the ID# the user attempts to use.

4. When a user goes to release a print job at a release station, the user must 1) sign in on the release station using their username and password and if valid the release station then asks for the user to swipe their ID card and the user 2) swipes their ID card thus providing the account# that would be used to pay for the print jobs associated with the username they just signed in with.


Since our current Uniprint implementation cannot obtain the correct balance from CBORD based on the user's username (Why #2: Usernames are not associated with the CBORD account #s), the My Print Center is unable to display the user's current funds.  Thus Mobile instead displays whatever numbers it can pull from the Uniprint database (usually negative numbers) which is very confusing to end users.


This is why I want (need) a means to turn off or hide the displaying of "My Funds".


Can it be done?



- Paul L.