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    "Job disallowed by Uniprint" troubleshooting

    Mike Bate Scout

      Is there a good way to troubleshoot "Deleted Print" jobs which show as "Job disallowed by Uniprint" in the Transactions log?  I am seeing a lot of these recently, alongside complaints from users that they are unable to print documents.  In some cases, re-sending the same job appears to be successful.  What causes these issues?

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          Jeff Geller Guide

          Hi Mike,


          We have seen this when there is a communication issue between the server and the device when using a Direct Queue.


          The Print Service log will have more details on the reason why most likely.


          -Jeff Geller

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              Mike Bate Scout

              Thanks for the advice, Jeff.  I did a few traces in DebugView, matching times reported in the Transaction Log with events in the Print Service log and did not see any consistent errors.  I see a few repeated instances of the following:

              [1728] [55819378] [2017/04/26 15:05:13.743 P0C98 T0648     d PrintService 05148] [AI: 0527469e-e61c-46d8-b979-6a75de24a41b] I/O operation return with no success code. [errorCode: 64]


              But those seem to happen a lot.  Is this indicative of communication errors with print devices?