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Updating Per Page Attribute Costs for Job Cost Methods

Question asked by Greg Sykes on May 9, 2017
Latest reply on May 18, 2017 by Yadin Flammer

Hey Everyone,


I have a simple question, hopefully! When you are adding per page attribute costs to a job cost method, is it correct in thinking that the cost of duplex would be the cost of impressions on one piece of paper? So, if Pharos counts impressions, two impressions, duplexed to one piece of paper would be double the cost of one impression to one piece of paper? For instance, one impression on one piece of paper is $.10, the duplex cost would be $.20? Or am I looking at this completely wrong?


Seems like we have a ticket from a user that saying they're getting charged a large amount for for pages that were front and back, where as they should have been charged $.40, they're charged something like $.70 or something of a higher amount that they should be charged (I don't remember the specific amount they were charged, I just know it didn't seem to match up to what we'd assume they should have been charged.)


OK, hopefully I didn't just make a simple question very difficult to answer!



Greg Sykes