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Direct Print Job Not Printing Out on Xerox The First Time

Question asked by Greg Sykes on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on May 9, 2017 by Greg Sykes

So we are setting all of our staff/faculty up on direct print queues through Pharos. For the most part, it's working as it should. However, we are starting to see an issue where users are having to reprint their jobs sent to the Pharos print queue because it doesn't print out the first time. However, Pharos does charge for the first attempt, because it shows up on the Pharos reports. The Xerox machines are all set up on a wake and sleep schedule, so they're usually active throughout the day. Any idea on what's going on? Why is the job not printing upon first attempt? Everything seems connected. Pharos severs are all up and running as they should be, the Xerox machine is able to be pinged. Anybody have any idea?