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WJA Installing a 3rd Party Application OXPd Solution

Question asked by Rommel Pabellano on Mar 17, 2017
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I wanted to get confirmation on an issue we we're told about using WJA. We we're informed that we should not have and should not use  two (2) instance of WJA on two (2) different servers to push Pharos Blueprint to our printers.


I do not have the exact detail but I remember being told that WJA has a unique identification ID used when installing a solution. Having two (2) instances of WJA will create / cause issues when it comes to support and troubleshoot. i.e. WJA #1 pushed and installed to Printer ABC and then Printer ABC had a problem that needed to be troubleshoot but WJA #2 is the one being used to troubleshoot. That is going to cause a problem since WJA #1 was the one used to push and install it should be WJA #1 that needs to be used because of that unique identification ID.


Also having 2 instance of WJA pushing the same version of the 3rd party application will also not work because of that unique identification id.


THANK YOU VERY MUCH IN ADVANCE for any feedback received.