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    Synch Error for Toner Save

    Ibrahim Sakr Newbie


      I install Pharos System at One Big Customer and install OPIXC and all is Done.

      I try to test sync between Pharos System and DB but shown me Error

      Error: "The following configuration(s) are not Valid:

                --Database "OPIXCDb" on server "SQL2012CL\SQL12_INST" is not Supported Version.

                  Please check data entered and access permissions."

      so there is any ideae i can do to fix it.



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          tcampbell@pharos.com Navigator

          Hello Ibrahim,


          The error message typically indicates that the Pharos Systems TaskMaster service does not have permission to access the Toner Saving (Opix) database.  To resolve the issue, you will need to grant dbowner privilege to the logon account associated to the Pharos Systems TaskMaster service.  By default, the TaskMaster service will start as Local System.  If this is correct for your environment, the Analyst server's domain machine account (e.g. domain\machine$) will need to have dbowner privilege to the Toner Savings database.  Alternately, you may assign dbowner privilege to a domain service account and then associate the same account to the Pharos Systems TaskMaster and Opix Coordinator services.


          Best regards,


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