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    Automate Report Generation and E-mail them?

    Andrea Clark Adventurer

      We're running Uniprint 9.0 R2 and Mobile Print 2.2. We've just installed the reporting feature and would like to automate the generation of several of the reports, then e-mail those reports to a distribution list.


      Is this possible?


      Thank you.


      Thank you,


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          Nic Meadows Ranger

          Hi Andrea,

          there is currently no default function in Pharos Uniprint that facilitates this. We are are Pharos distributor in the UK and I've written our own reporting suite that will allow you to run, execute and view the standard Pharos reports and any custom crystal reports that have written. There's also a Windows task scheduler service which is included that will execute reports at the specified intervals with the configured paramters and then email the output as required. We currently provide this as an additional component that we licence to our customers. Its an extensible application that we also use for all the Print Management solutions we resell. However, I'm not sure if we'd be able to provide it to you without stepping on your Pharos resellers toes. I've attached the technical doc so you can check if its the sort of thing you are after. If it is, we'll need to see if we can work something out through/with your current reseller.


          Best regards


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