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Blueprint via floppy disks

Question asked by Nikolay Karetnikov on Feb 6, 2017
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Please consider a scenario shown on the image below.



The customer has 2 separate network segments.

Alpha A - local net and Sigma Σ - internet segment - kind of a DMZ.

All of the users in the A have their corresponding accounts in the Σ. Every one of them has 2 physical machines. The 1st attached to A and the 2nd to Σ.

The only 2 possible options to transfer the data between the segments are

1) file share

2) email

The aim of the customer is to implement a PrintRelease solution that will allow to put all printers\MFDs into the A segment (print load from the Σ segment is to be somehow transferred into the A and released there)



The questions are:

How to architect such a system? Note, our competitors seemed to find a way (attachment), although there are no details in there, just a high-level implementation.



Email way, though may push the customer to buy MobileLicense and at the same time simplify the design, is unlikely due to several obstacles:


2.1 not all file formats are supported.

2.2 the customer does not allow IMAP protocol on its Exchange server in the A domain.

2.3 SAMAccountName are most certainly different for a user in those two segments.

In case a workaround is possible for 2.2 and 2.3, please comment!
Thank you!