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The Secure Release operation 'ReleaseJob' Failed

Question asked by Rommel Pabellano on Feb 3, 2017
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Hoping for someone to shed a light and help me understand this event log?


Network Id: "rpabell", Component: EDI, Terminal: MN004-4555, User Terminal Session: 8fba63c0-1436-4432-8934-f3e0f7cc80e5, Message: "An internal server error occurred. Failed to release the securely held print job. The Secure Release operation 'ReleaseJob' failed. Failed to release the print job with identifier '675cd935-ea51-44e7-b56f-6849910583bc'. The secure job with identifier '675cd935-ea51-44e7-b56f-6849910583bc' does not exist in the database.", Job Source: Native, Job Id: 675cd935-ea51-44e7-b56f-6849910583bc


Here's what I think it means - I sent a print document to the secure release queue but nothing was received. I then authenticate using printer MN004-4555 and there was no print document listed to be viewed, selected and printed. See attached file for entire event history log that led to this error message generated.


Thank you very much in advance.