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    Mac OS X direct printing?

    Joseph Hsie Wayfarer

      Recently we've been expanding usage of Pharos out to various departments to centralize configuration, administration, billing, etc.  Some of the administrative departments like the direct print queues instead of secure release queues so they don't have to enter information into the popup.  I'm going to guess the answer is no because of the way things are configured, but is there a way to setup a Mac/OS X client for direct print without a confirmation popup to enter in information?  We are using Uniprint 9.0 R2

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          Scott Olswold Guide


          Yes, you can do exactly that. The MacOS, from version 10.1 (and maybe earlier in the "OS X" lineage) has always had the ability to print to a queue shared from a Windows machine (server or client), and Pharos-controlled queues are no exception. There are some caveats:


          1. The logged-in user on the Mac must have a matching Uniprint account.

          2. If you are using SMB (Server Message Block; \\server\printerqueue), then the user must be an Active Directory user account.

          3. The print queue on the Uniprint side must have Questions optional.


          You can use lpr://uniprint-server-ip-address/queuename or smb://uniprint-server-ip-address/queuename to reach the printer. LPR is preferred, because using SMB forces the inclusion of a user name and password with the queue, which is stored in plain text on the MacOS (this, btw, is a Mac thing and not a Pharos thing). From there, just make sure that you're using an appropriate driver (PostScript normally, unless you have GutenPrint installed and don't need anything fancier than that) to generate the printer file.



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              Joseph Hsie Wayfarer

              Wow thanks for the speedy response.  Ok so it works the same as a secure print client then, I just have to point it to the direct print queue as I would normally.  I think that should work then.  We require our Mac users to be on the domain, so they should be logging on with their domain AD accounts and we generate the Pharos accounts using info pulled from AD.  I think the only thing we do different from your instructions is tend to use generic PCL drivers. 

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              Jason Pelletier Tracker

              We actually do Direct Print from several hundred Macs and use the same popup:// URI that we would for any other Pharos printer but we create special Direct_Print queues and have a Direct Print print group so that we can make sure that Popup doesn't fire off any questions when we print.


              Our machines are also bound to AD so the username for printing will pass correctly. Since we write and deploy our own custom printer packages for each printer, we can customize things like printer name. etc. to avoind confusion of printers with different queues such as printer1 vs. printer1_direct.


              Printing this way also ensures that all of our reporting will include these print jobs. Scott, do you know if you print to LPR direct to the print server if those jobs still get counted for reports?

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                Mark Decker Scout

                This is a side comment and not directly related to the question asked, but I think it is worth mentioning. The presence or lack of a popup has nothing to do with the queue being direct or secure. The popup is only for giving the user the ability to use a different username than the one the computer is logged in with. Even in a secure environment, if the users are logged in with unique credentials, you do not need a popup.