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OSX 10.12 (Sierra) & Firefox, HP/Canon/K&M - Driver Settings Problems ...

Question asked by Peter Dills on Jan 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2017 by Scott Olswold

Has anyone else seen issues with OSX 10.12 (Sierra) and HP, Canon IRAdv, & K/M Printer drivers (PPDs) when using Firefox?


We're noticing that once upgraded to OSX 10.12, that one can no longer make changes to printer settings, such as duplex/simplex, color/monochrome, nostaple/staple, etc. - and have those settings affect a sent print job.  All the default settings continue to function, but the OSX 10.12 printing UI never makes selected changes.  We see this when jobs show up in our UniPrint queues, where simplex jobs should be duplex, b&w should be color, etc.  The issue becomes ever more complex when sending a job from OSX 10.12 to a Canon IRAdv printer with the Fiery RIP appliance attached - especially when using popup:// for your job transport.  The Fast Feature menu never launches, and extreme latency occurs - just for the printing UI to show up.  Using LPD:// allows the Fast Feature menu to show up, but no matter which settings you change, none take effect.  This part occurs with all apps, not just Firefox.


We've begun to build several installer packages for OSX 10.12 machines, with different forced defaults.  This requires editing the PPD driver file, and settings the "*DefaultCNxxx:" options to the settings you want, and then building multiple installers with various default settings.  It's the only way we've found to get around the problem.


Would love to here from anyone else that's seen this behavior!


Thanks much,

PeterD / University of Minnesota