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Print jobs failing to release with our Pharos mobile server

Question asked by Joseph Marasco on Jan 20, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2017 by Jeff Geller

We have three production servers for Pharos and also staging servers that mirror what the production servers do. One is the Principal server, second is the Student print server, and the third is the Mobile print server. I did all of the Pharos updates, service patch, and applied the mobile print 2.2 with our staging servers. Everything works as it should when doing email, web upload, and mobile upload and release to the network printers for testing. So, after a week of print testing and everything has passed, we decided to patch our production server. Everything has been updated to on our production servers.


After a few weeks and more clients were utilizing the print systems, PharosMP print spooler started to stop processing the print jobs. I would have something like 72 print jobs waiting to be release on the production mobile print server's print manager. So, Pharos print jobs seem to be failing with: "Error releasing print job: Job failed to release on a Printer". The error code found via the admin portal is 29062. The release started to work again only after the print spooler has been re-started. But, after a day it would stop sending the print jobs out. Called support and we went through the Mobile print log files. We scanned through the event logs and found errors with the Microsoft-Windows-WMI namespace. The error logs attach with this post.


Has anyone else been having the same issue and resolved this? The only workaround was to do a clean up script on the MOF files on the Mobile print server.