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    Disable printer via MyPrintCenter?

    Seth Long Adventurer

      With our setup, students use the Pharos drivers on their laptops to submit print jobs.  They can release their print jobs via MyPrintCenter online, or by using the touch screen physically connected to the printer.  When a printer goes down/needs repairs, I can place Out of Order signs on it and disable the touch screen via Pharos Administrator, but I want to know: is there is a way to disable sending to a printer in MyPrintCenter?  There are many students who send their print jobs when not standing by the printer to see the sign, then when they go to get their documents, see that it didn't come out, and call us asking for a refund.


      If there's a way to prevent students from sending jobs to a printer that's down in MyPrintCenter, this would help us quite a bit.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Katherine Baynton Ranger

          Hi Seth


          If you have the SNMP Online State Check enabled for the device (setting in Uniprint Administrator), then if a user tries to release a job to the device, they should get a message that the device is offline, assuming there is something physically wrong with the device or it's switched off (and the job won't be sent to the device).

          If you don't have it enabled, or if jobs are still sent to the device for some reason, then another option is to temporarily set the Device to 'Inactive' in the Uniprint Administrator.

          • Important NOTE: before setting it to Inactive, take a note (screenshot perhaps) of the Print Group and Release Station settings for the device.  Setting to Inactive will remove those associations, and when you set the device back to Active, you will need to manually reset these associations.

          If you have Uniprint 90R2 with SP4 there is another option you can use.  If this is the case, let us know and I'll explain what you can do for this.





          (PS: By 'touch screen' I assume you are referring to the Omega release station? Or is that something else?)

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              Seth Long Adventurer

              Correct, I mean the Omega release station.


              We don't have 9.0 R2 yet (still on just 9.0) but should be upgrading to that soon.


              I have the device selected in Pharos Administrator, but I'm not seeing where to enable SNMP Online State Check.  When you say it will detect that the device is offline, that means I'll need to shut down the printer, yes?  Sometimes I leave it on so the repair technician from Sharp can see the error code (they've complained in the past when they don't see the error code).


              Thank you for your prompt response.

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                  Katherine Baynton Ranger

                  In the Device properties, under the 'Printer' sub heading, there should be a property: 'Execute Online State Check before printing' - if this is set to yes, then the system would issue an SNMP query to the device before attempting to send the job to the device.  If the device is in an Error state or is switched off, then the Print Server should see this error state in the SNMP response and choose not to send the job to the device.

                  There were some Print Server updates related to this in 9.0 - do you have any of the Hot Fixes for 9.0 applied?

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                Yadin Flammer Navigator

                Our method is to change the access rights on the device in Pharos.  We do this when a printer is offline for service, just remove all groups other than out IT group, so we can use it/ send tests (which you can't if you do the SNMP thing) but everyone else will get notice they don't have permission on the device.