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    Are we having User Conference 2017

    Godfrey Walker Newbie

      Please could you inform me on User Conference 2017 ?

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          Steven English Guide

          Good Morning Godfrey Walker,


          I have been told that a conference will not be held this year.  Someone from Pharos direct would need to comment on plans for 2018.




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            Lindsay Lamb Guide

            Hi Godfrey Walker (and Steven English),


            We have been brainstorming a couple of different ideas for how (and when and where) to best bring customers and partners together, and have a meeting scheduled next Tuesday, January 17th, to make a final decision if we will have a conference in the 2nd half of 2017.


            I hope to be able to comment again with more information, on Tuesday!

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              Lindsay Lamb Guide

              Thank you all for your patience waiting for our response!  We have had a couple of conversations about how to best meet the needs of our customers, and took into consideration different feedback we received from our past events.


              What I am able to share at this time:

              • We are planning on a Pharos Discover 2018 Conference in late Winter/early Spring.  We are hoping for February, but it could be March depending on venues and date availability.  It will be 1.5 days in length.
              • It'll be someplace on the East Coast.
              • We will have a 1.5 day hands-on technical training track for those who directly interact with our products.  Our support team will be reaching out to the community and customers to understand training needs so they can build an agenda.  We had quite a few customers say they wanted to really deep dive technically into our products, so that is our plan!
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                Joe Lachiusa Wayfarer

                Update on the 2018 Pharos Conference:


                First, I wanted to say thanks to all of our valued customers, resellers and partners for their continued interest in a Pharos Discover conference.  Putting together an event in 2018 has been on the top of our minds since our last conference in New Orleans.  We greatly enjoy our time together with you, both during the event and afterwards in any social setting.  With that in mind, it makes our decision to forgo an event this year an extremely tough one.


                At Pharos, nothing is more important to us than customer satisfaction.  This is why over the last 18-24 months we set our sights on emerging technologies, and have put extra focus on stability, usability and new features in our core technologies. More specifically, we’ve focused on expanding and improving our cloud technology, along with Uniprint-related products.


                To assist with these efforts, we have kept ourselves busy interviewing customers (as part of a “Design Thinking” methodology) to best understand their current and future needs as we increase our focus on developing user-centered technologies.  If you would like to participate in an interview to share feedback and ideas about your user experience, please reach out to Kristen Seversky at  kseversky@pharos.com.  We are eager to hear your thoughts.


                While this will be our primary focus in 2018-- with the Pharos conference being an unfortunate casualty-- future events will remain on our radar and will be communicated to you once we have details to share.


                Thank You,

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