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Network Logon for Environments

Question asked by Roberts Laforge on Jan 9, 2017
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My library uses SignUp (Uniprint 9.0) to manage the time patrons spend on our public computers.  We have a variety of user groups, most of which use one of two Environments: one for community users, one for everyone else.  Each has a log in and password associated with a local account on our computers (the library is not on the campus domain).  So community users have a "community User" account and students/faculty/staff have a "users" account.  We also have a script which first checks Active Directory and then the internal Pharos database for user accounts thus allowing us to serve people without network credentials.  So basically patrons enter their login information and are presented with one of two computer accounts depending on whether they are community users or affiliated with the University.


While the setup works, one part has always struck me as inefficient.  The two local accounts are identical in every respect including security policies, programs available, etc.  Though community users are only allocated 90-minutes, that value is set in the Pharos Administrator.  There seems to be no logical reason for use to have two Environments.   Can I safely replace them with a single environment and a single computer account?