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A good 11x17 color multifunction choice

Question asked by Paul LaFollette on Dec 8, 2016

Anybody have a suggestion for a 11x17 capable (maybe able to do 12x18) color multifunction system?


I've got to replace an old HP CM6040 MFP and it seems the choices on the market are a bit slim unless you're willing to spend way too much.  I need a system that is:

  1. Reliable (of course) and easy to use
  2. Handles at least 11x17
  3. Color (required)
  4. Can scan to email and/or scan to network folder
  5. Preferrably no less than 40ppm
  6. Works (of course) with Uniprint, MobilePrint, and iMFP.


Any suggestions?  I need some good ideas right away.


Many Thanks,

- Paul L.