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MyPrintCenter mobile version and document upload option

Question asked by on Jan 21, 2017
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Hi All,


We're using Mobileprint 2.2 and Uniprint 9.0R2 SP4


Does anyone know how we can add Mobileprint document upload functionality to the mobile version of MyPrintCenter for OS's that support it?

For example the Safari browser on iPad / iPhone has supported document upload for some time but the Upload button is still unavailable for those OS's in the mobile version of MyPrintCenter (I can get the button to show by selecting the option to Show Desktop Version and then the Upload functionality works fine, but trying to educate people to do that would be painful)


I'm hoping that it is possible to achieve through an edit to the CSS or a change to a jar file to add the function for particular iOS versions but I'm not an expert in web development so could do with some guidance.


Thanks in advance for any help