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    Excel Workbook Printing

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      Happy New Year everyone!


      Got a question that I think might be a simple one (I hope). If you want to choose to print an entire excel workbook, how can you get Pharos to treat such a print job as ONE printed document? For instance, I have an excel workbook that has three spreadsheets. I just want Pharos to treat this workbook as a document that has three pages to it, as opposed to a workbook that contains three separate documents. Is this possible or no?

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          The best of 2017 to you, too!


          This Excel workbook printing thing has plagued office print since 1994...well, that's at least how long I have had to answer this question, anyway.


          It's well-documented on third party and Microsoft sites, but the net/net is that if your worksheets have different print settings (notably print quality and page setup), then Excel breaks the workbook into discrete jobs at each difference.


          There are two ways to "fix" this. The first is to visit each worksheet and ensure that all settings are the same. If you have many worksheets, there are web resources that provide a macro to set them all at once. The other way is to SHIFT+select the worksheet tabs and then, in the Print dialog box, choose to Print Selected Worksheet(s). Oddly, this bypasses the settings conundrum, but uses the first worksheet's settings for the whole job, so proceed with caution. This Microsoft article,  https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/168563, includes both the synopsis of the problem as well as a Visual Basic snippet that you can use to create the needed macro.


          I prefer the first way. Alternately, you can export to PDF from Excel and then print with an application that was meant to send things to a printer.


          I hope this helps,


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