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    Mobile Print Plugin Not Found

    Gary Conway Wayfarer

      Some of our patrons are getting the following error at a Pharos Station when trying to release job uploaded via Pharos Mobile Print:

      "Plugin not found for job operation 'Release' and job source 'MobilePrint'. "

      I've tried duplicating it but I had not problems releasing my prints when I tested.

      We have had several complaints.  Any ideas what the issue could be?

      Thanks. Gary Conway, Brooklyn Public Library

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          bdickens@pharos.com Scout

          MobilePrint chooses a print server to store and process a users jobs based on their recent activity. If a user has used a particular print server in the past 7 days, I believe, then that server is where the MobilePrint jobs will be stored and processed. The processing will require the MobilePrint Plugin for Secure Release Service to exist and be a current version. This should be getting updated automatically as the MobilePrint WorkFlow service checks the print server to verify the Plugin exist and is of a current version. This explains why some users may have failure and others will not. You can likely determine what print server is missing the plugin by the location/branch that the user is printing from. Then you would need to determine through MobilePrint and Print Server logging what is causing the failure to find the MobilePrint Plugin.

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              bdickens@pharos.com Scout

              Gary started a support incident with us and we worked it to a resolution. We determined that the MobilePrint Plugin for SRS was missing from the branch server where the failures to print where happening. The reason for the missing MP Plugin was that the site has MobilePrint setup with a  Restricted servers configuration. This limits the servers involved in the MP processes. This branch was added after the Restricted servers config was put in place and when that is the case the new server is not seen as needing the MP Plugin. By manually adding the MP Plugin folder and files we where able to resolve the issue. All print servers in the environment must have the MP Plugin to allow the release of MobilePrint jobs to the Release stations associated with that Print Server.