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Why does the Worker Service need to run under an Administrator account?

Question asked by Ralph Miller on Dec 14, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2016 by Scott Olswold

After upgrading my system to UP 9.0 R2 SP4 and MP 2.2, I began to experience problems with my Mobile Print system. I was getting failed to render and time out errors galore and students were not able to use the Mobile Print system. I tried a number of solutions from excluding the spool directory from AV scans, to changing print drivers from PCL to PS and vice versa, to rebooting servers, etc, etc, etc. I even had a support ticket in and talked with Dave B. a number of times. While looking at a few things Dave suggested, I took the time to review the Event Viewer and discovered that the Mobile Print Worker service was crashing and could not restart even though it was set to restart in event of a failure. I tried to manually restart it and it would not. Then I noticed that it runs in the context of the server local Administrator account (./Administrator). Given that it was using a stored password that has not been changed, it should have restarted but it wouldn't. So I decided to re-enter the password and try to restart the Worker service. IT STARTED! And it hasn't crashed since and Mobile Printing has been working with no hitches, glitches or alerts. No failed to render. No timeouts. No print driver changes. Just prints! Somehow during the upgrade the stored password must have become corrupted. So after all this, my question is this...Why is it necessary to have this one service run in the context of an administrator account? I can't ever remember seeing another service on a Windows Server needing to run this way and I have been working with Windows servers since the days of NT 4.0. Can it be run under a local system or local service account? If not, why? --Ralph Miller