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Setting up iMFP with HP SFP's

Question asked by Adam Hauerwas on Dec 8, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2016 by Scott Olswold

We are looking to buy new, smaller single-function HP printers for use in our computer labs.  We have an existing Pharos UniPrint 9.0 implementation, but have been using OmegaTerminals to do release.  We would like to incorporate that directly into the printers themselves.


We're looking at the HP LaserJet Enterprise M506x or the HP LaserJet Enterprise M605x, and are curious:


- Will either/both of these printers work?  They both have touchscreens...

- Will any USB card reader work if we are using magstripe readers?

- What pre-requisite software has to be loaded on the server?

- Do I understand correctly that we have to load a module into the printer's firmware itself in order to have it communicate with Pharos?


Sorry for the newbie questions, and apologies if this is the wrong forum.