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Anyone using Gmail or Office365 with Mobileprint and having timeframes where jobs will not move over from the main email account to be processed?

Question asked by John Siegel on Dec 7, 2016

We had been using MS Office 365 and starting back in September had timeframes where the main Mobileprint email account wasn't allowing jobs to be moved to Mobileprint for processing. This would happen for about 5 hours and then the system would self correct and work as expected. The University decided to switch over to Gmail, and we are seeing the same issues even more frequently. The Pharos Mobileprint log shows periods of time where the IMAP connection is timing out. We correctly deduced that this was because we were being blocked. As it turns out Gmail has imposed limits on the account. When we initially queried Gmail about removing\increasing the limits for the Mobileprint email account we were told it was not changeable. I find that hard to believe since Gmail must provide commercial accounts that exceed the limits we see for personal accounts. While CU OIT is trying to sort out our options, I thought I would ask the community if anyone else has had a similar issue and if so how they resolved it. Currently we are running Pharos 9.0 R2 SP2 with Mobileprint 2.1. We plan on upgrading to SP4 and Mobileprint 2.2 over the Winter Break.