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    Tracking Print Through Banner

    Andrew Wynbissinger Tracker

      We are a Banner ERP school. There are some situations where users are sending print jobs to networked printers from the banner system. The issue is that the printer is specified in the banner system so we lose our ability to track individual usage. Does anyone have a similar situation and have you found a way to track this with uniprint?




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          Jeff Geller Guide

          Hi Andrew,


          The challenge is that ERP systems are most often not configured to provide a unique "job owner" when printing to a Windows Print Queue. This means all jobs from that system will be tracked as the same user. The external system you are printing from needs to provide a unique "Job Owner" value when the job is passed to the Windows Print Spooler. We get the "Job Owner" from the Windows Print Spooler so if this is incorrect or inaccurate there is not much we can do.



          Jeff Geller
          Pharos Support

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            Bill Kasper Guide

            Andrew, we use access control lists on our Pharos-enabled Ricoh MFDs, and Banner queue IPs get entered into these ACLs.  We can't track individuals (i.e., who printed), but we can charge based on print volumes.  Say monthly print meters show a difference of 1000 prints, and Pharos shows 886 prints (assigned to individuals who printed, and their cost center(s)).  114 prints are unaccounted for.  Since our ACLs eliminate all non-Pharos printing *except* for prints from the Banner queue IP, we know the prints are Banner prints.  We charge all prints in a given month to the particular cost center designated by the unit for whom the queue was created.


            I hope this helps.