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    Spool File Size Limit?

    Jason Pelletier Tracker

      We are seeing some issues where print jobs are being deleted before being added to Pharos. We're trying to determine what is causing this issue. Nothing in the logs seems to indicate why but one theory we have right now is that the spool file might be too large. The print job is coming in from a RIP server and is just over 3 GB in size. We can print smaller jobs to the same printer without an issue. Would anyone have any insight? If it is a file size issue, is there a way to modify the behavior to allow larger files?


      Thanks in advance

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          Steve Yount Adventurer

          Not sure if this will help, but I recently saw an issue where jobs > 2MB sent via MobilePrint would time out. After much testing, I found that the cause was Symantec scanning the spool directory. It was scanning each job for viruses as it was being submitted, causing the larger jobs to time out. Usually we prevent the spool directories from being scanned, but somehow the policies were not being enforced.

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            bdickens@pharos.com Scout

            Without having the print server logs to make a more educated guess, I would suspect the page counter might be timing out on such large files. This is something you can tweak via registry settings to allow more server memory to be used per page counting thread.




            The default is 256 meg. If your server memory is up to 8 gig or so I would recommend increasing this setting to 1024 and see if that allows these large jobs to arrive successfully. Increasing the memory available to the page counter will allow it to process the job more quickly. I will also mention that you want to be careful with this MemoryLimit setting. The system has a default max number of page counting threads set to 5. That is set at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\PharosSystems\PageCounting\MaxInstances. That means when you set the MemoryLimit to 1024 there is a potential for the page counter to use up 5 gig of system memory.

            This is just one possible cause and if the solution doesn't prove helpful then it would be helpful to start a support incident with us and provide logging from the server with details of the failed job.

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