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    Uniprint and Mobile Print upgrade to latest version

    Helen Alexander Adventurer

      We are looking at upgrading our Uni-print and Mobile Print environment to the latest versions after Christmas to fix a PDF issue that we are seeing with Mobile Print.  We are currently on Uni-Print Version: 9.0.8467.14 and Mobile Print Version:


      Will the old Uni-print client need to be uninstalled or can the client upgrade be done in place?  I looked over the update notes and it does not seem like there are any gotchas on this upgrade.  Can someone please comment on this?  We are not changing servers or devices.




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          Katherine Baynton Ranger

          Hi Helen.


          If you are referring to the Popup packages installed on workstation machines, then those do not need to be immediately upgraded following the server upgrades (the system is designed to be backward compatible with older popup clients).  However, once you do the upgrade, you will be prompted to rebuild the packages to incorporate the newer popup version (in the packages context in Pharos Administrator).  Once those are rebuilt, they can be used to upgrade existing package installs without first uninstalling what is already there. 


          If it's not the popup client packages you are referring to then please elaborate a little, but all standard components can be upgraded in place without first having to uninstall the existing version.


          Hope this helps.


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            Brice Gunter Newbie

            Hi Helen!


            Here at our university, we just updated from Uniprint 9 SP3 to SP4.  The Updater Service works great in updating everything, and *KNOCK ON WOOD* the only thing we had to do was restart a couple of services to get all of our print servers back to green.  We didn't have to uninstall anything and just let the Updater Service do its thing.  If I remember correctly, it only took it about 15-30 minutes and we were done.


            Hope this helps you out!


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              Gene Mayro Tracker

              I just want to echo Brice's post - last night we did our Service Pack 4 upgrade, from Service Pack 3, and Mobileprint 2.2 upgrade. It was extremely smooth. The only thing I would change is in the Release Notes for Service Pack 4, to refer to the "Installing Print Center 3.4" section in the Printer Center 3.4 release notes after the updater service has run. The SP4 notes makes it sound like Print Center update is completed by the Updater Service, where we had to copy the PharosPrintCenterSetup.msi installer to the Print Center server, then execute it . We also had to do an IISreset after the Print Center update for the webpage to update.


              Other than that, which was really minor, this was a stress free upgrade!



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                  Rojaa Matlakunta Navigator


                  Thanks for the feedback. It is helpful. In fact, IIS reset is not required, just issuing change control is sufficient - however, that point is not mentioned in PPC 3.4 release notes (we will correct it).

                  So it would be helpful if you let us know why you did IIS reset? Is Print Center website was offline after installation or have you seen any error? Have you tried to refresh your browser (by pressing Ctrl + F5)?