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    Prompting user for job code

    James Wood Newbie



      We're looking to change our Pharos Blueprint Enterprise implementation. We send some pretty beefy jobs out to the printers that need to be charged back to our clients via a job code. Problem is the same user will print for multiple clients, so it needs to be done on a per job basis. I'm wondering how we can get pharos Print Scout to prompt the user to enter a job code at the point of submitting the job to the printer.


      Can anyone help, or offer any pointers..?



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          Scott Olswold Guide


          Currently, the Blueprint PrintScout doesn't offer any means to choose a "third party billing" option. However, this is something that has been discussed internally.

          In a former life, I worked as a production artist for a busy advertising agency, and we would use the printers' job logs for chargeback/reconciliation. As part of our workflow, we prefixed the document name with the account number of the client, looking something like <accountcode> - <projectnumber>.qxd. It was pretty easy for us to do this, even "back in the day" because our file server was set up in basically the same way. If we had an internal thing that needed to be printed, we used an account code of 0000.


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              James Wood Newbie

              Cool - thanks for the reply Scott,  that's certainly an option and I can see if the guys would go for that.


              Thinking again, could we change the authentication mechanism, so every print required authentication, and every jobnumber  would be a "user" to pharos?


              Presumably a text file could be kept of the job numbers and imported in by Blueprint as users.


              Would that work - can Print scout prompt for username per Print?