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Where Are Current Computer Statuses Stored in Database

Question asked by Torran Kahleck on Nov 15, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2016 by Nigel Howard

We're working on a custom application that would display current computer availabilities for our labs across campus and we're hoping to tap into the Pharos SignUp data to determine whether or not a computer is in use. We know this data must exist since the NerveCenter is able to display it. However, I've been searching through the Pharos database, but haven't been able to find active computer statuses. Transactions don't seem to be entered into the database until after a person signs out, which makes some sense, and the active field in the computers table seems to be unrelated as all the computers always seem to be marked as active. Still, if anyone else has tried this and had success in tracking down this data, it'd be great to hear where you found it.


Also, if there is developer documentation that might help me out with this, I'd be very grateful for a reference.