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Print jobs stuck rendering in print queue

Question asked by Seth Long on Nov 9, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2017 by Seth Long

Recently, we've had several print jobs get stuck rendering the in the print queue once sent to the printer.  This is preventing jobs sent afterword from being printed.


I've attached some pictures in case this helps.


I can select the print job in the Spool list, but the Stop/Delete button is grayed out.  The only known solution is power cycling the printer.  This clears the queue, but it also clears all other print jobs that were stuck waiting to be printed.  This means a lot of refunds that need to be issued and unhappy users.


Sometimes, there is just a "Please wait" box, and tapping the screen or pressing the buttons has no response.


Usually where it says "Job Queue," it shows the username of the person who sent the job, but every time we've had an issue, it says "UNKNOWN".  Because of this, I can't look up the user's print history to get more information about the print job that is freezing the queue.  I'm wondering if the "UNKNOWN" jobs were sent from MyPrintCenter, and the jobs that do show usernames were sent from the release station attached to the printer.


The two models we've noticed this on so far are the Sharp MX-M453N and Sharp MX-3100N.  I'm not sure if this is something specific to Sharp printers, or if anyone else has experienced a similar issue.


Any assistance that can be provided is much appreciated.  Thank you!