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    Print jobs stuck rendering in print queue

    Seth Long Adventurer

      Recently, we've had several print jobs get stuck rendering the in the print queue once sent to the printer.  This is preventing jobs sent afterword from being printed.


      I've attached some pictures in case this helps.


      I can select the print job in the Spool list, but the Stop/Delete button is grayed out.  The only known solution is power cycling the printer.  This clears the queue, but it also clears all other print jobs that were stuck waiting to be printed.  This means a lot of refunds that need to be issued and unhappy users.


      Sometimes, there is just a "Please wait" box, and tapping the screen or pressing the buttons has no response.


      Usually where it says "Job Queue," it shows the username of the person who sent the job, but every time we've had an issue, it says "UNKNOWN".  Because of this, I can't look up the user's print history to get more information about the print job that is freezing the queue.  I'm wondering if the "UNKNOWN" jobs were sent from MyPrintCenter, and the jobs that do show usernames were sent from the release station attached to the printer.


      The two models we've noticed this on so far are the Sharp MX-M453N and Sharp MX-3100N.  I'm not sure if this is something specific to Sharp printers, or if anyone else has experienced a similar issue.


      Any assistance that can be provided is much appreciated.  Thank you!

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          Nic Meadows Ranger

          Are the devices locked down so that only the print servers can submit jobs to them? Where we've had issues like this in the past, its been rogue users sending print jobs directly to the printers without using the proper drivers (hence the issue rendereing the job) Setting the devices so only the print servers IP Addresses can submit print jobs to them will usually prevent this.

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              Seth Long Adventurer

              Thanks for your reply.


              The way we have it set up is for students to download the Black and White and Color queue print drivers to their personal laptops.  They submit the jobs from their laptops, then either release them from MyPrintCenter online or from a kiosk (some PC, some touch screen) directly connected to the printer.  We have about 14 MFPs set up like this across the campus.


              We also have some student commons PCs set up where students can log in and submit their print jobs.


              So in short, they cannot send print jobs directly to the printers with the way we have it set up.  They still have to be released online or at the kiosk.


              That being said, your point about not using proper drivers could have something to do with the issue.  We have a few different model Sharp printers on campus that all use the same two queue drivers (Black and White or Color).  Still, we've used these same drivers and printer models for a few years, but have only recently started having this issue of jobs being stuck in the queue.

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              brosengarten@pharos.com Adventurer

              Hi Seth,

              Look at the protocol as set in the Network Settings for the device in Pharos Administrator.  Is it set at RAW or LPR?  If it's set at RAW, try changing it to LPR and then click Change Control on the right hand side.  Test this for 1 device to see if it makes a difference.


              Kind Regards,

              Bryan Rosengarten

              Pharos Systems Technical Support

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                Robert Richards Scout

                We've been fighting the same problem for a few days now.  Users send their print jobs to one of our Direct queues or to one of our Secure Release queues.  It hangs the local workstation queue.  Our Direct queues are set to LPR and Secure Release queues are set to RAW.  The problem exists on just a few of our PCs.

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                  Jeff Geller Guide

                  I thought I would chime in here.


                  From the initial problem description it implies that the job is sent through Uniprint using a Direct Queue and makes its way to the printer. We know this because the device now has the job and is trying to render it and put it on paper but is stuck at the "rendering" stage. This is shown in the image initially posted, IMG_7979.


                  The likely cause of the engine not being able to "process" the file is going to be tied to the Driver used, the application one is printing from that are causing a malformed print file the Sharp engine is having trouble processing.


                  If the same user can print using the same driver to another direct queue that uses a different device but of the same model as the failing one, then this can suggest that the driver/application is not the cause of the job getting stuck but could be something else is failing on the device. Possibly the NIC on the device is dropping packets so what the device receives for a print job is an incomplete print file that it sees as corrupt. Could be a handful of other items.


                  The challenge of a corrupted print file torturing a printer and never getting printed to paper is not something specific to Sharp devices, it can happen to other manufactures devices as well. I can't say one manufacturer is better than the other in this regard because I have seen this type of problem on ManufacturerA and things like a firmware update fixes things, updating/changing the driver used fixes things.



                  Jeff Geller

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                      Robert Richards Scout

                      On our end, we are using the same Xerox GPD PCL6 V3.2.303.16.0 driver that we have been using for a very long time.  We have a variety of Xerox printers that tie to that one queue.

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                        Bill Kasper Guide

                        We have this same problem occasionally at UCSC on our Ricohs.  Jobs pass through on direct, or are released on secure, and the hang in the rendering engine on the device.  This blocks all other prints that say they're coming in.  Fortunately we can select the "printer" function key and reset the rendering engine, clearing it for nonproblematic jobs to pass through and print.


                        It does seem, inevitably, to be a printer driver/setup issue on the user's computer.  Once we see it, we go back, make sure they're current in whatever version of software they're using, and then reinstall the direct/secure drivers we create.  If the problem persists at that point, it usually turns out to be an issue with a graphic/table/image within the document being printed, or a badly-formed PDF that the printer can't process.

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                            Seth Long Adventurer

                            Thank you for your reply!  This makes a lot of sense.  Some of the PDFs the students try to print are well over 100 pages and have lots of graphics on them.  The problem is, we rarely have the student who caused the rendering issue call us (it's the next user who calls), so we haven't been able to track down the specific document(s) causing the issue.


                            We may need to create a new driver package as well - it's been quite a while since we updated it.