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    Pop up balance

    Kevin DePalmer Newbie

      Hey all,

      I'm working with another engineer at an office in the next market over and trying to help find a way to show a $$balance when user prints from a client machine reflecting the user balance. I thought I might reach out here to see if anyone may be able to help me nail this down. I know there is supposed to be way I just cant seem to find how to do this. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


      Kind Regards,

      Kevin DePalmer

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          lpadgett Scout

          Hey Kevin,


            What version of Pharos are you running?  The new 9.0 version has a feature for users to check their balance with the 'My Print Center' web feature.  Also, do you have any external billing gateways configured? My site uses a custom job information script written by Pharos and I have edited it from there, The original displayed remaining balance and print confirmation.  I don't know of a uniprint software solution but I could be wrong.