Beacon Print Scout now supports MacOS Sierra

Discussion created by on Oct 18, 2016

Beacon Print Scout for Mac updated on 10/19/2016

If you have had Mac workstations running the Beacon Print Scout and those workstations were upgraded to MacOS Sierra (released by Apple on September 20, 2016) those Beacon Print Scouts are not reporting data and are unable to communicate with Beacon for an automatic upgrade. To repair the Print Scout on MacOS Sierra workstations:


1. Uninstall the Mac Print Scout (SEE: Uninstall Mac Scout)

2. Download and install the latest version (available now) of the Print Scout for Mac from Pharos Beacon (SEE: Mac Scout Install Guide). If you are deploying Print Scouts to Mac workstations for the first time, the Beacon Print Scout will be compatible with MacOS 10.7 to 10.12 (Sierra).


Important Note: If you have not yet upgraded your Mac workstations to Sierra, no action is required. Your Mac Print Scouts will automatically upgrade themselves to the latest version on 10/19/2016. Following this automatic update, your Print Scouts will be compatible with Sierra if you choose to upgrade.


Please contact Pharos support (SEE: Pharos Support Process) or post here in the Beacon forum if you need support.


- The Pharos Beacon Team