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    Print Queue Not Found?

    Greg Sykes Tracker

      I am testing a Xerox machine downstairs in our IT department for a specific user. Whenever he tries to print, either securely or directly, to the Pharos Xerox machine, it gives him a "Print Queue Not Found" message. I have looked over everything in Pharos Admin, and it all looks like. The printer is listed in the devices. It's release station is an iMFP that is also listed in the release stations. The Xerox is a member of a print group, and the print group is associated with a print queue that has the correct print driver. I even created its own installer package. His computer is on our domain. Everything checks out. I've double checked the Xerox configuration for iMFP, it checks out as well. What else do I need to check? I'm not understanding why he's getting this error? Could this be an issue where there's a conflicting program using the same port as Pharos?

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          Steven English Guide

          Greg Sykes,


          If this is a queue that was recently set up, please try issuing a change control.  It could be that the print server service has not been made aware of the new queue that you created.


          If that is not the case, then please have check the registry on the workstation receiving the error to be sure that the queue it is trying to send the job to still exists (perhaps the package is old and the queue has since been renamed, or the package was rebuilt after the user installed it).


          HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Pharos\Popup Client\LocalPrinters\<NameOfWindowsPrinterObjectSelectedFromPrintDialogHere>


          You will see a print server name and a spool queue name.  You want to make sure that the queue named there does exist on that server, and that the workstation is able to resolve the server name listed there.




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              Greg Sykes Tracker

              Hey Steven,


              I finally figured it out. I think it was two errors (on my part.) The first was that I had associated the install package with the wrong queue. We've been doing a lot of testing, and I think I got my wires crossed on that. I think the other part of it is that I didn't do a change control. I created a new print group, queue, and package installer from scratch, and that seemed to work.


              Only other issue I'm having now is that when I tested everything, both secure and direct printing, everything working like a charm. When I tested again, suddenly, it's not working again. I may put in a ticket with you guys, but if it's something that I might be able to track down and fix on my own, I'll learn a lot more!