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How many collectors does a customer need?

Question asked by Nikolay Karetnikov on Oct 19, 2016
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Recently, large customers became very server aware. Whenever you need a new server questions are arised whether it is a really business related stuff you are doing. Since a try to keep number of collectors from growing.

We have the "Blueprint Installation guide" stating "A single Collector supports a maximum sustained rate of 160 print jobs per minute for up to 800 iMFPs". The 2nd parameter is pretty clear. Well almost clear. Is that a number of active iMFPs per a day, is that a number of iMFPs registered to a collector, is that a model depended? Would SR25 or Lexmark iPR count as a whole iMFP?

Now the 160 print job limit. What does exactly it mean?  Is it a number of jobs incoming into a secured queue (#1) or a number of jobs released (#2)?

In case it #1 a customer could try Print Queue monitoring to approximate necessary number of collectors, but in case of #2 it won't be any of use.

Dear Pharos, could you please comment on the subject and share the best practices?