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Experience using the Customer Service Kiosk for guest printing?...Other suggestions for guest printing?

Discussion created by jill painter on Oct 11, 2016
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We are using Uniprint 9.0 R2 update2, MobilePrint 2.1 and Pharos Print Center 3.2. Blackboard Transaction System is the external billing service. Student and staff have print cards and accounts are authenticated via LDAP.

A PHIL station provides cash funding for print cards, as well as print cards for purchase.

Our GUEST patrons typically print 10 pages or less and use cash for funding print jobs. Because GUEST users are cash-paying users with small print jobs, The Pharos Print Center credit card option is not a funding option. This forfeits the Center’s quick release PRINT option (no funds... no printing!).

We created a GUEST account using the “I am a guest” link on the Pharos Print Center; a GUEST print card was purchased and funded at the PHIL station. The GUEST account was added to the Pharos database, but we had to manually add the print card number to that GUEST account. This is not an option.

Can anyone provide input on the Pharos Customer Service Kiosk? Is it user (and staff) friendly for GUEST printing in an academic library setting? We are looking for something that is compatible with our current environment, but which is also "low maintenance".

We are open to any other suggestions that would accommodate GUEST printing as long as it did not involve manual intervention (such as manually adding card I.D.#s to the database).

Thank you.