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Reports - Want to see Transactions by Bank

Question asked by Paul LaFollette on Oct 11, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2016 by Scott Perkins

I see in Pharos Reports the Printer Summary by Bank, but can I get a report showing the Transactions by Bank?


We have occasion every Semester to switch certain Release Stations to use a different Bank for a couple days and the Printer Summary by Bank report helps to show how much printing took place using the different Banks... but I don't see anywhere I can get a good report showing the transactions that took place for a specific Bank.  The Pharos Administrator, System, Transactions can show the transactions specific to a Bank, but it's rather cumbersome (for creating a report) and only shows up to 1000 of the much more than 1000 transactions associated with the specified Bank.


What would be a good method/trick to getting such a report?


The closest I've come (thus far) is to run the "Transactions" report for the dates where the specified Bank was used, output that report as an Excel file, then modify the excel data to remove the transactions for other Banks, fix the "Amount" column to be Numbers (instead of "Numbers stored as Text"), remove " Pages" and " Page" text from the Quantity column (so that all that remains is the number).  This provides a somewhat useful report, but it doesn't have some of the useful info such as Printer, Print Group, and Job Name and doesn't show # of Color Pages, or # of Sheets (as opposed to Total Pages).  I'd really like a Transactions Report by Bank that includes the kind of information the User Print Transactions report provides.



- Paul L.