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    Automation of User Constraints for Cost Centers

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      I'm just full of questions, guys, but I have another one for you. How can we automatically associate users with cost centers? Right now, I have just uploaded about 600+ employees into our users database for Pharos, but I have not yet assigned a cost center to most of them. It would be quite a tedious task to assign cost centers to each and everyone, one at a time, manually. I'm sure there has to be a way (probably obvious way), of automatically associating the user with the cost centers (and we will call the cost centers, department codes), but I haven't quite figured it out. I was messing around with the import feature, and I could see how we could configure the import file we build to import both users and cost centers at once, but I'm not making the connection on how it would know to automatically associate the user with the correct cost center in that manner? We probably will have, roughly, about 200+ cost centers when it's all said and done, and most users will only be referencing one cost center, but a small percentage of those users (such as library aids that float campuses and administrative assistants) will be assigned to more than one. If we can at least get everyone automatically assigned to their primary cost center, going back and manually assigning that small percentage to additional cost centers won't be a big deal, but we're just trying to figure out the best way to do this. Any incite will be most appreciative!


      - Cheers, Greg

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          Hey again Greg,


            Take a look at the "Charging > 3rd Party Charging > Import Profiles" tab in the Uniprint sidebar. There you can set particulars about how you'd like the cost center constraints set. You make these settings first, after that a cmd line tool will do the rest of the work.


            The cmd line component ccimport.exe is located in \pharos\bin\ccimport, running this in cmd with the cc profile you made in Uniprint specified behind will import the users.  ex. >ccimport TestCCProfile


            Of course, this relies upon a file to be supplied by your data department assigning users to specific cost centers. It can get rather complex.


            My daily script pulls the file from our ftp server then puts it in a folder where it can be run against ccimport on a schedule. If errors in formatting are uncovered it throws an alarm and sends emails out to admins.  When it completes it confirms everything.


          Pharos help documentation shows the formatting for the cc file, but you can change field order/delimiters in uniprint. I believe there is a video that describes this in a tutorial somewhere.  Let me know if you have any other questions or would like to see an example of how my script is written (or the order of my entire daily userload process).  Setting it up is the hard part, after that you just let it run and monitor it.





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