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    Mac OS X Sierra pop-up problems?

    Mari Emslie Navigator

      We are getting some reports from our service desk techs (doing their own testing) that they are unable to print after they update their Macs to OS X Sierra; the pop-up doesn't appear consistently. Or if they do get it to appear, jobs are not showing in the queue when going to release stations

      We are running 9.0R2 (not sp3). On Server 2012 R2.


      Is anyone else seeing this problem?

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          Jeff Herald Guide



          Our team will look into it.  I'll reply here as soon as I know more information.


          -Jeff Herald

          Pharos Systems

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            Jeff Geller Guide

            There is a change to the application in Mac OS X Sierra (now called "macOS Sierra") called "Gatekeeper". In previous versions you had an option to "Allow application downloaded from:" 'Anywhere.' but in the latest version this option is gone for the general users.


            This could be preventing the Popup application from functioning thus the job never leaves the client machine to the server.

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              Chris Axtell Navigator

              Preliminary testing here on a clean install of macOS Sierra and our Pharos Pop-up package (9.06) doesn't seem to have any issues with the pop-up appearing on the client, or with the job appearing on the print server. We're running 9.0R2 SP3 on Server 2008R2.


              I should note that we have "re-packaged" Pharos' Mac Pop-up installer and bundled it into a meta-package that also installs our printer drivers, and provides the individual with a set of options for which printer objects they want to install. This meta-package was then "signed" so that Gatekeeper doesn't complain...


              We have seen issues with our custom printer presets (e.g. duplex, simplex) not being visible in the user's profile; however, that's a different issue.

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                  Luke Papenfuss Wayfarer

                  How did you go about repackaging the installer and signing it? And/or is there a good set of instructions out there somewhere that details how to do this? I inherited the position I'm currently in and so have only basic knowledge about Uniprint--enough to keep it running (I've also done one or two of the webinars, but the ones I attended didn't cover this).


                  Our current installer is very clunky and also isn't signed causing us to have to change GateKeeper on many student computers to Anywhere before installing and it would be great to fix that (and get it working for macOS Sierra.

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                      Chris Axtell Navigator

                      We used Pacifist, an inexpensive shareware application, to extract the files from the Pharos installer package. Then used Packages to create a meta-package installer to combine the Pharos, Printer Drivers, and Printer Configuration scripts all into a single installer package.


                      There are a wide variety of methods for creating Mac printer installers. If you search the Pharos Community you'll find at least a few options. To my knowledge there really hasn't been a good "best practices" how-to document written since there are so many valid ways of doing it... Hmmm, maybe in my copious amount of spare time I'll write up what we do here and share it out...


                      As for signing the resulting installer. You'll need a few things.

                      1. An Apple "Developer ID Application" certificate, or equivalent 3rd party cert, in your Mac KeyChain
                      2. Xcode, including the command line tools
                      3. Launch Terminal.app and do the following:
                        • cd <path to your package>
                        • productsign --sign 'Developer ID Application: <Your Org Name Here>' UnsignedInstallPackageName.mpkg SignedInstallPackageName.mpkg


                      Test the resulting file and if all is good you should have a nice, simple, single installer for your customer's to download.

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                        Jim Gilliver Pioneer

                        The main installer for the Popup client is signed, and provides the Custom folder as a mechanism for extending the install without needing you to re-sign anything.  It sounds like Chris' solution is meant to handle more complex situations (like a custom GUI), but for a simple install package that creates queues and installs drivers, you should be able to set it up without a developer certificate or changing Gatekeeper's default settings.

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                      Jeff Geller Guide

                      I just completed a quick test as well.


                      Started with mac OS X 10.11 and a working Popup client. I upgraded to macOS Sierra (10.12) and I can still print to the same print queue on my Mac without issues, Popup and Notify still function.



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                        Philip Blake Wayfarer

                        We found that if the printer drivers were not up to date on the mac when upgrading to Sierra, you may need to update the actual drivers on the mac after to ensure the PopUp driver works.

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