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Issues printing multiple documents

Question asked by Bill Kasper on Sep 28, 2016

From a very, very good customer:


"Users are still having issues printing multiple documents.  As a workaround, we're having users print out one copy and then photocopying.  It seems as if the auto-select paper tray function isn't working.  For example, if someone wants to print more than one copy of a print job, the first copy will come out and maybe 1-2 pages of the second copy and then we'll get an error and be asked to select which paper tray to choose.  If we select a tray, 1-2 pages will print but then it'll say the job is finished when it isn't."


These are the Ricoh 04 series devices, which now are looking like they were rushed to market.  Most users are trying to secure release print documents, though some might be printing directly.


Is anyone else who is using Ricoh and Pharos having these problems?