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Non-spooled printing solution for departments

Question asked by David Alexander on Sep 16, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2016 by Scott Olswold

We have a partial Pharos rollout to departments, but we are being tasked by our leadership team to come up with a non-spooled departmental printing solution.  We still have all of the requirements that are covered by Pharos (eg. secure release, accounting, reporting, printer sharing, access control, abuse prevention, student employee printing, etc.).  We have about 5,000 employees, 600-1,000 devices, and our campus is pretty spread out.  We are running Pharos for our student "pay to print" service (~30k students).


I wanted to get feedback from other schools that are not using Pharos for departmental printing on what service level you are offering for departmental printing and the underlying technology.  It seems like it is possible to piece together a solution using Xerox accounting, but it would have a lot of limits and create a lot of manual labor, especially around printer sharing and reporting.