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How many email accounts can be assigned per user in Pharos MobilePrint 2.1?

Question asked by Chris Axtell on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by Chris Axtell

For Pharos MobilePrint 2.0 there was a hard limit of 255 characters, with multiple addresses being allowed as comma separated values. There was some lively discussion (see Using multiple email accounts in Pharos MobilePrint 2.0) regarding this topic.


In the MobilePrint 2.0 Installation and Configuration Guide for Uniprint.pdf document there was on page 54 the following statement:


How many email addresses can a user register with MobilePrint?

[...] Moreover, a Uniprint administrator can add multiple email address in the users > Accounts Context of Pharos Administrator. A user can have as many email addresses as can fit in 255 characters.


However, in the MobilePrint 2.1 Installation and Configuration Guide for Uniprint.pdf document the above statement has been removed. Searching through most of the other documentation regarding both Uniprint and MobilePrint, as well as this Community there doesn't appear to be any new statement regards the maximum number and/or character length allowed for the data stored in the email field. The electronic Uniprint documentation simply states the following:


Email: The Email address for the user. As of Uniprint 9.0, the Pharos Administrator accepts entry of multiple email addresses, separated by commas.


Considering that an email address's maximum practical length is 254 characters, what is the current limit supported by Pharos for the number of email addresses assigned per user? Or if there is still a character limit what is it?