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What flatbed and book scanners do you use?

Question asked by ajohnsuw on Aug 30, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2018 by Chris Trail

Hi Community,


We currently haveScannX flatbed scanners in our libraries that to allow students to scan documents to email, USB, Google Drive, and Pharos print packages (in lieu of having copiers). The warranty on our current scanners runs out next summer and we need to submit budget requests in January so we wanted to start looking at what is out there. Over the last year we've been disappointed with ScannX a number of times so we are specifically looking at what alternatives exist.


I know that Pharos provides Off-The-Glass, but that doesn't work in our situation as we would need to use one of our iMFPs and sometimes students will be at the scanners for an hour. Our libraries are specifically looking for something standalone.


What products do you all use for scanning? We are hoping to have similar functionality to what we have now both hard ware (flatbed w/ optional ADF) and software (email, Google Drive, and print being the most important) wise, as well as possibly adding a few overhead book scanners.


Any thoughts or recommendations are appreciated.