Mac OSX 10.11 Popup and HP Drivers

Discussion created by on Aug 30, 2016

Hi All,


If you install the latest popup client (9.0.6) on a workstation running Mac OSX 10.11 (El Capitan), are using HP drivers and you see either a black or yellow triangle next to the printer name when you try to submit a print job, the workstation needs an OS update applied.  This update may not be present prior to actually needing it.  The update is retrievable in the App Store > Updates and should show up as an OSX update for HP 5 (something like that).  It’s about 150mb so it’s not small.  Once the client downloads and installs the update, the printer should no longer have the triangle and all should work as expected. 


From my findings, the triangle will only show up when you try to print something (File/Print) and the update has only showed up when the OS actually needs it  (there is a printer that calls for it).  If you go to the App Store > Updates before installing any printers with HP drivers, the workstation may not be prompted for the update. 


If you run into any problems, please let Pharos Support know.  Thank you.