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    Reset Student Balance every 30 days

    Elgin Guthrie Newbie

      Looking for an easy way to reset balances for students each month. I'm running Uniprint 9.0 R2 with Mobile Print 2.0.

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          Steven English Guide

          Elgin Guthrie,


          This can be accomplished pretty easily with a scheduled SQL query depending on what all you are looking to actually do.  For example, the students would need to be identifiable from a scripting perspective unless you are okay with every account getting zeroed out and then credited (what about inactive students?).  Another thing to consider is whether or not you want this balance adjustment to be recorded in the Pharos transactions or if you just want it to happen without generating 2 transactions for every user every 30 days (one to zero the purse, and another to credit it).  Depending on how many users you have, this may be an undesirable quantity of entries in the transaction table.


          Please expound a little bit more on the thoughts posed above and which purse you are looking to put it in.  Is it safe to assume that the money is a use it or lose it credit that does not carry over into the next 30 days?




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