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    Change Mobileprint Settings manually

    Gene Mayro Tracker

      Hi Everyone,

      We're building a test environment for my Uniprint 9.0 R2 system, including Printcenter and Mobileprint. Basically, we cloned the VMs. Has anyone tried this before, and if so, how do you modify the Mobileprint server settings?  The Uniprint settings were pretty easy to change - we've done that before, but we have not yet been able to find the Mobileprint configuration files or registry settings.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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          Mark Wildt Newbie



          I did this a number of years ago when I was on Pharos 8.1 I believe.


          1. Make a copy of your SQL DB, and restore it to another (different SQL server)

          2. Pharos does not use ODBC setting, instead they do it all in the Registry.

               HKLM\Software\Pharos\Database Server\Database (if 32Bit) Print Server

               HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Pharos\Database Server\Database  (64Bit)


          You will most likely need to recreate the "Pharos" sql account and once you have it pointed to the new SQL server, you basically have a copy of your production environment.


          Obviously skipping some detail here, but this seemed to work and allowed me a test environment that more or less mimicked production.


          Good Luck!!



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            Brenda Yang Wayfarer

            Hi Gene,

            I am not sure your MP version, but try the following steps if they will help.

            To re-pointing MP to a new PPC, you need to modify 'LocalServer.config.xml' file in the MP server.



            MP Server:

            - Change the new API server in the LocalServer.config.xml from Workflow and Worker servers

            • Stop Workflow and Worker services
            • C:\Program Files (x86)\PharosSystems\MobilePrint\ LocalServer.config.xml
            • Search for <PharosRestAPIServer> section
            • Update the new API server. If it is ARR environment, enter the Print Center Web server name.
            • Restart Workflow and Worker services


            UP server:

            - Stop Secure Release Servers

            - Delete MP plugins (C:\ProgramData\PharosSystems\SecureRelease\JobOperationPlugins)

            - Clear API cache by issuing a change control ( any 'Change Control' on the right hand side of the screen you can see in the UP Administrator)

            MP Server:

            Restart MP Workflow service to re-install MP plugins.


            Good luck.




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              Mike Dorris Tracker


                Once you cloned your VM's,  what did you have to do to set them up as a test network?  Is this on it's own vlan?