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    user authentication?

    joshua loiselle Wayfarer

      Currently we are running pahros uniprint 9.0R2. (New York State Library)


      we have 3 signup stations, 2 for staff to use, and one will be for the public to use to sign themselves up with their library cards. I have all the cards in the accounts database, but i can not seem to get it to check it.

      for the staff reservation stations we have the bank set to express logon with both plugins for login and billing having the work blank. ( this does not authenticate at all, it even goes as far as to add an extra digit at the end of the card number if it has ever logged in before.


      foe the public self signup station i have the source of identification set to ID and Password Dialog box , and the plugins  for billing not being filled in, and for logon saying logon and translate.

      we would prefer not to have to have the users enter a password but if that is the only way that is fine (they get a pin with their library cards)

      the error i get when using a test acct that is set up with the logon ID being the "card number" and password being 4 digit number (our pin's are only 4 digits long) i get an error message you cannot log on because " Bank and computer group express properties do not match" 

      i went into bank and computer group properties ... only computer group has express properties.. and there is nothing i can see that "doesn't match" any help will be greatly appreciated ... here is are the screen shots of the properties.

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          Jeff Herald Guide

          I have no doubt this can be configured to work, have you contacted Pharos Support yet?


          -Jeff Herald

          Pharos Systems

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            Katherine Baynton Ranger

            One point I thought I'd highlight: Express Logons do not make any effort to authenticate against user accounts, it is specifically designed not to do so. These are designed to allow any user to make a brief reservation (such as the case where libraries have non-member users wishing to use the system). A temporary user account is created for each logon, these are stored briefly in the system until the session has been used. 


            The error about 'bank and computer group express properties do not match' is due to the computer group being set to Express but the assigned bank for the station not being the Express Logon Bank. The Express concept is like an non-authentication bubble within the system - it does not work the same as the rest of the system and requires everything be configured to match (an express (bank) station plus an express group).  Unless you are trying to support users who are not identified in your system, I would suggest avoiding this (and given your users have card IDs, I imagine they are identified in your system).


            I hope that helps.  As Jeff suggested, have a talk with Support about the best way to configure the system to achieve your desired state.

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              joshua loiselle Wayfarer

              Been in constant contact with them ... they couldn't figure it out ... they thought that just changing the bank to blank ( not the word blank .. but nothing at all) would authenticate the users.... after digging I found the option in the computer group , ... is there a way to still do a express login in a system that authenticates properly?? For thoes one off people who don't have a card ...


              Also is there a way to authenticate wait the card id not the user id??


              Also have a weird issue when users  ( express logon) go to sign up ... they do not need to type in their pin that pharos assigned ... all they need to do is press enter and it let's them logon . I don't know if this will change when we go live with the user authentication.

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                joshua loiselle Wayfarer

                I started working here on Christmas eve .. and pharos has been my project ... to get it working the correct way ... I'm the i.t. Guy... the new 26 year old one who is learning the system .. they have had pharos with express logon since 2012 ... they are librarians that are set in their ways ... even the image when I got here had xp mode installed on Windows 7 to make windows 7 look like Windows xp desktop ... still on office 2003 ... I'm trying to get them up to date ... fix the issues .. pharos was on 8.1 I upgraded it to 9.0r2 ... so I'm met with resistance at every turn by staff. If there was a way where I didn't need the public to have to remember their pin let alone enter it in to the computer that would be ideal. I tried using card - serial and card keyboard wedge as the bank ... neither worked ... we have a scanner on both signup pcs.


                I personally don't want the express logon at all ... but I see the need as we do have out of state people come to our library to do genealogy research .. they don't need to carry around and remember a pin for a library they may visit quarterly at best.


                Just looking to get a ballence of it working correctly .. and what the staff think they want.