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user authentication?

Question asked by joshua loiselle on Aug 17, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by Jeff Herald

Currently we are running pahros uniprint 9.0R2. (New York State Library)


we have 3 signup stations, 2 for staff to use, and one will be for the public to use to sign themselves up with their library cards. I have all the cards in the accounts database, but i can not seem to get it to check it.

for the staff reservation stations we have the bank set to express logon with both plugins for login and billing having the work blank. ( this does not authenticate at all, it even goes as far as to add an extra digit at the end of the card number if it has ever logged in before.


foe the public self signup station i have the source of identification set to ID and Password Dialog box , and the plugins  for billing not being filled in, and for logon saying logon and translate.

we would prefer not to have to have the users enter a password but if that is the only way that is fine (they get a pin with their library cards)

the error i get when using a test acct that is set up with the logon ID being the "card number" and password being 4 digit number (our pin's are only 4 digits long) i get an error message you cannot log on because " Bank and computer group express properties do not match" 

i went into bank and computer group properties ... only computer group has express properties.. and there is nothing i can see that "doesn't match" any help will be greatly appreciated ... here is are the screen shots of the properties.